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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gov. Steve Beshear trying to stop kentuckians from accessing online poker sites

I wrote this letter to the editor on September 26th in regards to Gov. Beshears policies about internet gaming and his attempting to block Kentuckians from over 100 gaming domains. It was published in the local paper. I think all conservatives, whether you support online gaming or not, should take note when the government begins to tell us what is appropriate behaviour with our money in the privacy of our homes.


The Real Threat to Kentuckians

“Unlicensed, unregulated, illegal Internet gambling poses a tremendous threat to the citizens of the commonwealth . . . and siphons off money from regulated and legal games such as Kentucky’s thoroughbred racing industry, our lottery and charitable gaming activities,” – Governor Steve Beshear

No Governor, you pose “a tremendous threat to the citizens of the commonwealth.” You and your band of socialist cronies are the greatest threat to the rights of private individuals. Under the guise of protecting the state, you’re more than willing to invade our homes and make decisions that according to you are in our best interest. I guess we shouldn’t be allowed to shop online either because we’re not spending the money in Kentucky. This is ridiculous! I’m sick and tired of these leftist politicians thinking that they’re smarter than the American people and that we need them somehow to make our decisions for us. Isn’t it enough that our government taxes us coming and going, now you’re telling us what we can do with the money leftover? Hell NO! Mind your own business or better yet, just go home. Hopkins County should be ashamed of you.

P.S. By the way Governor, you won’t be getting an invite to the poker game

--Curtis Staggs

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